Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Camp Grandma Is Up and Running

Yes's official!!

Camp Grandma is open for business.  My beautiful girls are here with me until August 19th. They are becoming beautiful young ladies!

They arrived Saturday evening and we've been just relaxing and having fun.

Beach, boat rides, a week at a beach resort are all in the plans.

The best activity of all though....getting my Grandma hugs!

I shall return with more pics but for now...

P.S. The new man is just great!!


  1. Happy for you BB. I know how happy you are at having those lovely girls spending time with you again. They certainly are looking all grown up now. As I'm not blogging anymore, it was lovely to just pop in to see you via Facebook. Enjoy this time , my awesome friend. x

  2. Nice pics; I hope that you have a fantastic time with your girls Barb!

    Glad to hear the new man is making you happy too :)

  3. I know how much you love the girls. I'm happy for you, Barb.


  4. Great pics, I'm not blogging anymore either, so I love to find yours on FB. The girls sure look like they're having fun :)

  5. Have fun! Look forward to more pics

  6. Love camp Grandma!! (My boys actually prefer it to real camp.) :) So glad things are going well... new man, great girls... what could be better?

  7. I think most children love to spend time at camp grandma or in my case it is camp nanna I remember as a child I loved to go to my nanna's house for a sleepover

  8. Camp Grandma looks like a great place to be!!! I'm sure your grandchildren have had a great time with you. You live in a perfect place for kids to visit in Summer.... ENJOY.

  9. I'm glad you met someone who makes you happy. If only our thirty-five year old son could find someone to make him happy.

  10. Everyone looks so happy! Have a blast!