Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bouncin Barb is Busy!!

Say it isn't so? Say July 1st is weeks away. Please tell me I didn't miss posting anything for the ENTIRE month of June.

I'm sorry about that. However it might mean that I have been enjoying myself. Doing what you might ask?  Well for starters...

  • Having my awesome friend Debbie move back to FL and living nearby
  • Going out to local bars and restaurants
  • Taking a couple amazing boat rides on the Indian River and seeing tons of manatees and dolphins
  • Meeting a super nice new guy 
  • Going on a fabulous date
  • Going to the beach often and sporting a great tan
  • Breaking my right hand on my steering wheel (truly a Barb special)
  • Going to Orlando for a weekend getaway
  • Getting ready for the Nascar Coke 400 race here in Daytona Beach

WAIT....WHAT? BACK UP THE PRESSES...Did I just say meeting a super nice new guy? A fabulous date?

Yes I did and that is another post on another day but there is a "Ray of sunshine" shining down on me and this gal is walking on sunshine.

Meanwhile, here are some pics to show you how life in Florida is getting better every day.

Love the view from a boat here in FL


An entire mound of oyster shells created by Indians hundreds of years ago

Tickets ready for Coke 400

Relaxing by the pool in Orlando

Never get enough of the beautiful beaches here

A marina on the Halifax River

A new meaning to "walk your dog"

It even has glitter!

Doing an awful lot of smiling lately!!


  1. Hope he doesn't mind one handed women, lol.

  2. WAIT....WHAT? BACK UP THE PRESSES...Did I just say meeting a super nice new guy? A fabulous date?

    That's EXACTLY what I was thinking as I read it. So good to see you smiling!!

    PS... if you can't find me, I'm here Google sold off my .com and I'm still trying to touch base with everyone.

  3. Glad to see you so cheerful. I'm glad things are going your way. You have a beautiful smile.

  4. Well my girl how dare you have a

    Seriously I am happy life is treating you good at the moment except for the broken arm, I have never had a broken bone so really have no idea what that is like but I think it would suck.

    Hope the new man is treating you like a princess

  5. Hahahahaha I saw what you did there, hiding the new man in the middle of the list. LOL And stop teasing us about him! :) That picture of the man carrying the dog is the way I walk Tucker some days. Ha!

  6. I used to fish on the Indian river with my grandpa. He lives on a canal that connects to it down in Oakhill and my Aunt lives in New Symrna. Glad you are having fun!

  7. Hi There, Just stopping by to say "Happy 4th of July".... Hope you have an incredible weekend whether you are traveling, with family or friends --or like us, just enjoying being home! We hope to grill a couple of steaks tomorrow. Our weather here is awesome right now...God Bless American --and God Bless YOU.

    Wow---what a life change you have had. Since I hadn't heard from you in awhile, I wondered if you had met a special man... Congrats!!!! Hope it all works out...

    Looks like you have had a great month... It's no wonder you are not blogging much.... Yeah!


  8. Super nice new guy?
    Mrs. Penwasser says there's no such thing.
    I KNEW she was lying!
    Then again, she does have mental problems.
    After all, she married me.

  9. Happy times! Love the pink cast - goes with the nails!
    You deserve all that sunshine… enjoy.

  10. You deserve every happiness lovely lady. So glad everything is going well.

  11. Beautiful photos Barb! Happy you have been too busy to blog...nothing wrong with that. I have to take a break every once in a while also. That neat mound of oysters the Indians built long ago is amazing that's it's lasted so long. Lucky you with such beautiful water surroundings. Stay happy!

  12. The beach, a nice new guy, and a glittery cast? Many reasons to smile indeed!

  13. It sounds like you have had a FABULOUS month!! I don't blame you for not posting with all of that going on. You really must tell us about your new guy! I'm a little jealous but so very happy for you Barb; you deserve every little bit of happiness that has come your way xo

  14. Joy Joy Joy…but how bout some pics of the middleman? lol! So happy for you! Summer time and the living is loving…xoxox