Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We Need Some Spring Around Here

Good morning and happy 1st day of April. I saw this on Facebook this morning and considering the rough winter most of you have had and may still be enduring, I thought it cheerful and hopeful!

I have been absent but there's been nothing new to update you on. The weather has not been very great for the beach so I've been stuck indoors and crabby!

I now have a head cold which may not be a big deal but I have not been sick in 7 years. Seriously...7 years. I've been around people with the flu during those 7 years and skated by it. I believe in flu shots!!!

Anyway, today I'm going to relax and perhaps nap in the warm sunshine and salt air (finally). My sinuses might just thank me.

I hope you're all well and I think of you all often!

Happy Spring!


  1. Thanks for checking in with us. I hope warm weather arrives soon and takes away your crabbiness. I have a case of it too.

  2. Happy April to you too! I started my seeds indoors on Sunday. I'm ready!

  3. I have high hopes for April not as high as I have for May but pretty damn high

  4. Dearest Barb;
    Oh yes, we have warm weather here and cherry blooms are beautiful now♡♡♡ Wonderful image!
    So sorry for my absence lately. I wish your quick perfect recovery.

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  5. Hi There, Hopefully you are better now. There's nothing worse than an old head cold. I had one of them when we were vacationing at Tybee Island in about 2009... Hadn't been sick for years --and knock on wood, haven't been sick since...

    Hopefully your weather has warmed up and some hot sunshine will help you feel better.


  6. I always get a little bummed and expect too much good weather in the early Spring. Can't wait until the truly good sunny weather arrives!
    Good health to you and hopefully your good beach days are on their way!

  7. Well April is bringing cooler weather for us and I seem to have the same lurgy that you have scored.
    Get better soon my friend.
    Hope there is plenty of beach days ahead for you

  8. Happy April to you too Barb! The snow is melting here and we're seeing grass again - albeit brown, sad looking grass. Spring is in the air! Take care of that cold and enjoy your beach weather :)

  9. "This & That (As I Bounce Thru Life)" has been included in Tuesday's Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  10. It's now the end of April, and it's cold and rainy here today. The most I can do is 'think spring.' :-)
    I just happened by your blog, and I am now happily your newest follower.

  11. Oh Baaaarrrrbbbbb, where arrrrrre you?