Sunday, February 16, 2014

Can't Keep Bouncin Barb Down

In light of the "new me", I have been actively seeking ways to keep myself busy while meeting new people.  Not having a soul nearby can be a bit intimidating but that isn't stopping me from making a new life and having fun.

The driving force behind all of this is me.  I've been the care giver for so many years of my adult life so I now have decided it's time to care for myself first. If I'm well, I can take on so much more. If I'm well, I'm a much happier person and above all else, if I'm well, I'm able to help other people.

The first thing I did was to join a Meditation and Healing class.  It meets once a week for an hour, and during this time we learn about meditation and it's benefits, do a 15 minute meditation, then using our own healing energies, perform and receive a 3 minute healing. Some of you are probably rolling your eyes up but I can assure you this isn't a cult. I'm not running off to skip through the fields of daisies singing praise to some bald headed guy getting rich off of us...hahaha. 

I believe in the power of meditation but I believed that I couldn't really do it properly. I found it hard to concentrate. I believed you needed to sit a certain way.  Come to find out there is no proper or certain way and that was music to my ears.  I feel less stressed and I enjoy talking to the others who come each week. 

Also, I joined a group through a nationwide networking site called Meetups.  Depending on your interests, you can find groups of people seeking the same thing. I joined a group for people new to the area who are looking to meet others and socialize.  It's been great so far and I've met some really nice people.  I went to a dinner along with 28 others and then we went for a boat road on the Intracoastal Waterway.  The weather wasn't great but it wasn't too bad either. Here are some pictures from that event.

Pelican looking for a handout.

A very foggy day. There is a lighthouse here believe it or not.

Cheap piece of real estate I'd say!! 

We have been pretty cool here in Florida so I haven't had much luck with beach weather, but I can assure you that when it appeared, I disappeared to the beach!  Can't let those days get by you.

Now, for even better news, I'm taking a road trip up to Connecticut next Saturday.  I'm looking forward to it except for the cold weather and snow.  I'll be stretching it out over about 10 days, stopping for the night in Virginia, then on to my Mom's for a couple days, and finally on to SEE MY BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!!!  I can't wait to see them and my son.  I'll stay for a few days and meet the new tenants in person to take care of business. Then turn around and head back with the same itinerary.  

So in case you were wondering where I've been and whether I was MIA, here I am! Keeping busy and focusing on moi!!


  1. I admire you for taking the steps to find that 'new' life... I'm not sure I could do it that quickly... Of course, it takes a very outgoing person (like you obviously are) to make those necessary steps.... If I ever find myself alone, I need to talk to you for instructions.

    So glad you rented your home up north. Sounds like a nice trip for you --but be careful if you run into bad weather.


  2. I'm sorry to be "off color," but at first I thought the meditation pic was an oddly shaped nipple...a triple nipple. Haha

  3. This is great news, Barb! You can't let life become "same old, same old." Life's worth living when you shake things up and get involved with new people and things. I believe in the healing and restorative power of meditation because it was a key part of the seminar programs I took and taught for many years.

    I hope by the time you start your journey north winter will have punched itself out and most of the snow will have melted. I hope you have a safe trip and enjoy seeing your girls and your son again.

  4. I'm hesitant to try meditation. I'm afraid I'd just fall asleep. Snoring and drooling is probably no way to go through life.

  5. Safe travels and enjoy your family time

  6. Meditation and prayer have a lot of the same techniques. People have told me you need to bow to pray, but Daniel said, "..and I looked up." I don't see where it matters how you meditate, as long as you get some coaching on how to find a COMFORTABLE position.

  7. I am so happy for you and your journey sounds so much fun. Be careful on your trip but have an amazing time.

    P.S. I did not roll my eyes because I've been to something like that. Very relaxing!

  8. It's great that you're doing what it takes to meet new people. I promise I'm not rolling my eyes about the meditation. It's a good practice, physically and emotionally. I hope you have a great trip.


  9. Meditation is a blessing for so many people I have tried it myself and yes it was relaxing and did help at the time when I was doing it a lot.

  10. I'm definitely not rolling my eyes. Anything that lets you calm your mind and body and allows you to find peace and healing is a good thing. We could all use a lesson in "turning off the world" sometimes.

    Have a great trip and give those grandkids tons of kisses and hugs :)

  11. :) Enjoy CT... we've got lots of snow up here, it will make you totally appreciate FL. :)

  12. This is really awesome news. So happy you are getting out and meeting happy and doing stuff for yourself.
    Safe travels. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family

  13. Hi there BB. Sorry I'm late. Half term here and I've been a bit busy with the little ones! This, to me, is such an uplifting post. I am SO happy that you are taking the bull by the horns as it were, and reaching out to try new experiences and to meet new people in your life. That's what you have to do. It just doesn't coming knocking on your front door. The meditation sounds wonderful, and just the ticket for you. You are right, you have been looking after others, and it is now YOUR turn. After all, if we don't look after ourselves, then we are going to be no use whatsoever to others. I know how excited you must be at seeing your gorgeous girls again, and they'll be so thrilled to see you too! That's good that you are breaking the journey up like that. I hope you have safe travels my awesome friend, and that the weather is kind to you on the road. I'm off to Paris on Monday, and I can't wait to see the family again :) :) Great post BB!

  14. Yup, it's good to see you 'up and running' and facing your future head on.
    I pretty much knew that you would be fine and bounce right back- as it were.
    But seriously, there will be those ups and downs and you are smart in giving yourself the tools that you will need to cope. Be well my friend.

  15. I used to meditate myself a long time ago. Enjoy your visit with the girls. I think you are taking good care of yourself...