Friday, January 17, 2014

Things That Really Irk Me Friday

It's Friday folks! You know what that means. It means it's time for another Things That Really Irk Me Friday post.  I do apologize for missing last week and I thank you for your patience.

So what really irks me this week? The state of Florida's unemployment website problems and what I call a sham from the government. Let me explain.

Florida is supposed to have this new and improved great website for filing unemployment claims. While some media programs may have you thinking that the country is in a recovery, it's far from it here in the south. There are still so many people out of work and there are so few jobs available.

It's been no secret, according to the news channels, that people have not been able to file their unemployment claims repeatedly, week after week. This has been going on since November. These people face losing their homes, having utilities turned off, going hungry and they had to go through the Christmas holidays with no income.

Our ever smiling and optimistic governor, said on a few occasions that it was being worked on. In fact, one news program that I watched in December showed him avoiding the question that the reporter was asking him on camera and stating instead that we (Florida) created new jobs and he was so positive about it. The reporter had actually asked him what these poor people who were coming up to the holidays with no money and possible evictions were supposed to do!!!

Now what really frosts my butt is that at year end, Florida reported record lows for the jobless and unemployment claims!!  Yes, you read that right.  People can't get through on this website to file claims. It's a statewide issue. And the state government reported a record low in numbers so it can look good. If that's not a sham I don't know what is.

Oh, but ahhhh, Karma is such a sweet, sweet thing!  Apparently, the federal government is now stepping in after it was brought to their attention that there's a really big problem here and they want answers as to why this wasn't addressed and fixed immediately (month's ago).

Somehow, I think we'll be hearing about a fix in the very near future!!!


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  1. Interesting. Sounds a lot like the healthcare marketplace debacle. Only, the federal government was at the helm of that one!

  2. Well one thing is for sure - now that the Feds are stepping in, something will change. I doubt the change will fix the problem ... but I'm sure they'll tweak some little aspect of the problem ... and then proclaim themselves a hero. Isn't that how it always goes? :)

  3. Well, you might see a fix. After the finger pointing stops.

  4. During my layoff, I filed. Five weeks later I get a letter asking me all the crap I told them five weeks ago on the website. I guess they had nothing better to do, since the website was down for maintenance this week. Money? Nope, not yet. Plus, my job somehow forgot to pay me for New Years holiday. Still waiting on the explanation there.

  5. From what I hear Scott has to go. I read that he's as unpopular as he is incompetent. I hope Charlie Crist wins in the upcoming election.

  6. That whole scenario just sounds awful, and terrible for the poor people involved in not getting their money due, especially with Christmas. No wonder this one irked you so much my friend! It's just the same over here. Government Departments always seem to end in utter chaos. No wonder people worldwide are so despairing of their Politicians these days. I hope they get the situation sorted out soon.

  7. I am so glad that I don't have to claim unemployment in any country

  8. Huzzah! The federal government is stepping in. Things will get fixed now!
    Oh. Wait.

  9. Wow! Here in Canada, we can file online or go in person to sign up for unemployment. Is there no place that people can go to sign up? What if somebody doesn't have access to a computer now that they are out of work? I hope, now that the feds have stepped in, that this mess gets cleared up soon!

  10. I was on FL unemployment WAY back in the day when the company went out and I had just had Oldest. It was such a simpler system, every time I called, the check arrived 4 days later. End of discussion. Sorry the improvements aren't much of one.

  11. Sorry it's such a horrible process for you. When I was on unemployment a few years ago, it was not bad per se, but it was not great either. Chin up!

  12. Government at its finest! I hope it gets better!!

  13. Wow, that sucks! When I was on unemployment a couple years ago, they actually don't have any kind of 'hold' system when you call them. So either you call and get through, or you get a busy signal and have to call again. I'm not kidding you, it took 3 and a half freaking hours of pick up the phone, dial, hang up, just to get through to someone and get my benefits validated. If that isn't ridiculous, I don't know what is.