Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bouncin Barb Bares All...Woo Hoo

Haha...fooled ya! How many thought I was going to take my clothes off? Dirty minds, shame on you!

As I was going through my blogger, I saw a few drafts I started where I put things in and didn't do anything with.  So, I decided to clean them out.  I came across this list of questions which obviously came from another blogger. Now the big question is who? The answer is....I haven't got a clue. hahaha.  They're good questions though, so I'll go ahead and answer them.

No, this isn't Bouncin Barb!

1. Person you have met or want to meet that you admire the most in your life.  Hands down, that was my late husband Rich. He was such an amazing person and very admirable.

2. Last book you read that made you change your life. One Last Time by John Edward. It's about life after death and how our loved ones are with us.

3. Do you believe in God? I believe in "a" God.  Too many religions out there to say one particular one is better than another.

4. Do you know your life's purpose? What would that be?  I believe I have achieved my life's purpose which was to be here to teach Rich about love and to be there for him during his illness and embracing death and passing on to the next level.

5. Favorite sport to watch on T.V. Favorite sport to play? Basketball. College and Pro. I don't play sports.

6. Do you love sex, or is it monotony?  Love it!!!

7. What makes you crazy?  Liars!  People who look you right in the eye and lie through their teeth.

8. Dog or Cat?  I like both.

9. What is your deep, dark fantasy....? (your Momma isn't reading this)  It's my fantasy and I'm not sharing here. It's XXX rated.

10. If you were to move, where would you like to live?  It would have to be somewhere in the Caribbean because living at the Florida Beach is pretty good!

11. Favorite Sit Com? Seinfeld, hands down. "I'm the master of my domain. The queen of the castle".  I still laugh out loud no matter how many times I watch it.

12. Favorite Past Time? Sitting on the beach. Simplistic living.

13. What makes you double over in laughter? Someone with the same warped sense of humor as me, that gets the joke and takes it even further!

14. Do you sing in the car? How loud?  Oh yeah. Guilty. If I'm alone it's pretty loud.

15. Have you thrown away your diet books yet?  Haha, I never had any.

16. Are you content in your own skin?  Yes. I am losing weight but I don't want to be thin. I like being curvy and tall.

17. What scares you the most? Having no control over my body/mind/voice.

18. If you were to trade places with one person for a week, who would it be? Politicians. Show them how the other half really lives.

19. Do you like Obama? No. I don't like any politician. Full of false promises (liars).

20. Do you think marijuana should be legal? Yes but only medically.. There is too much evidence that it helps many conditions.

21. How old were you when you first had sex?...details   I was 16 and he was 21. It was awful but thank goodness I didn't let it sway me to thinking that's how it was all the time!

22. Does dying scare you? Death doesn't scare me. Dying from a horrid, lingering illness does.

23. Who would you like to make amends to if you were dying? (why are you waiting?) I can't think of anyone that I need to make amends to however, I do have a brother who doesn't speak to me. I have no hostility towards him. I wish him well and hope he his happy with his life.

24. Do you love spouse/partner?  I loved my spouse and always will. I loved my partner too but he chose to pass it up.

25. Happiness is......My granddaughter's love for me.

Put in your two cents worth......Smile every day. Love every day. Laugh every day. Think positive every day. No matter how bad it gets, it passes. Cherish every moment.

These were good questions, weren't they?


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Well, what the hell heck are you waiting for? Warm weather?

Until next time........BB

Love and hugs from the beach


  1. 22. Yeah, I'd rather get hit by a truck. I have a new baby blog. Just click on Susie. :)

  2. Good questions. Outstanding responses.


  3. Excellent questions and answers, Barb! We think a lot alike. :) I like this idea & just might have to do something similar on my blog someday. Great post! Hope you're having a wonderful day! :)

  4. Yes, these are great question, and now I feel like I understand you better.

  5. Doggone it, Bouncin' Barb! You made me sprain my index finger in my haste to log on and see you nekked! :)

    Well, these are very probing questions. I wish you could remember who asked them. Joan Rivers, maybe? :)

    I answered these questions in my own mind and my answers matched some of yours. My favorite sport to watch on TV is basketball. I love sex - especially when another person is present. :) I also hate liars and that's the truth or my name isn't Shady Del Knight. :) I have come to love both dogs and cats. My deep dark fantasy involves me, the Downton Dowager and a band of pygmies. Do we have a match there? :) I also appreciate someone with a warped sense of humor. You and I are a good fit, BB!

  6. I also think it should be legal for medicinal purposes. And I can't think of a worse life than not loving who you are with. Not necessarily in that got to have it all the time hot passionate love (although that's ideal) but in that genuine, true friendship love.

    Being with someone and feeling alone is terrible.

  7. haha, it seems like i've answered these before, which makes me wonder just how long they were sitting there in your drafts. also, awesome answers. :) also, stealing this survey.

  8. Those were good! I enjoyed your answers too! You're so much fun!

  9. My life's purpose?
    One's graduating college in May and the other is two years behind him.
    Then, I can finally settle down to my other purpose: swinging in a hammock in Belize while my tee shirt shop thrives. Or not. Oh, did I mention? I was drinking a beer in that hammock.

  10. Love reading your answers.. I totally agree with you on No 18 and No 22.....AND--I agree with you on many others. I love the beach --but also love the mountains.. It's great sitting on top of a mountain --with a great view below (or a waterfall nearby)....

    Thanks for sharing. I laughed at your 'title' today--since it reminded me of a recent post I did--and didn't realize what people could have thought.. However, several friends teased me about it... My title: "Betsy got some" .. First sentence: George was happy!!!!!! ha ha ha.... BUT--what I was really talking about was SNOW.. I love snow and was so happy to get some here.


  11. Loved learning more about a beautiful person!

  12. I loved Shady's deep, dark fantasy!! These were certainly pretty probing questions, and some great answers. Do you remember, about three years ago, when all the Awards were being handed out, we were always getting lists of questions to answer and to pass on?!

  13. Nice. You have some wonderful questions asked. Thank you for sharing them with all the answers.

  14. Great questions and answers. Always fun to find out a little more about a person

  15. Great questions, even better answers. I don't think I disagree with any of them, particularly the politician thing. No, I don't care for Obama, and that has nothing to do with being a Democrat or a Republican or any of that nonsense. I just don't trust any politician as far as I can throw them.

  16. Good questions and great answers!
    I'd need about a full page to answer a few of them.

  17. Great questions and answers Barb. :)

  18. When I saw the headline, I thought to myself -- what is that wacky Barb up to now :)
    Good post.