Monday, August 22, 2016

6 6 6

Six years of fabulous friendships formed.
Six years of laughter, tears, and hardships.
Six years of funny stories.

Six years and 610 posts later, I'm going to put Bouncin' Barb and This & That (As I Bounce Thru Life) out to pasture.

The most important part of those 6 years is the commaraderie formed with other bloggers that became very important to me. Reading your blogs and your comments have cheered me up, made me laugh and occasionally spew coffee out my nose!!

Some of you carried me through an awful time in my life due to my health and inability to work. I will never forget that or you.

Although it's only been 6 years, it feels like a lifetime. I wouldn't have changed it for the world.

BB has had enough now. She's gotten bored and wants to go live on a desert island. Don't look for a message in a bottle though!

If you want to keep in touch I am on Facebook under my real name. Just email me at and I will give you the info. If you don't do Facebook just email me anyway so I can add your email address to my contact list. You never know, I might pop up in your inbox once in awhile.

And then again...I might just pop up with a new blog, new name, new material. The possibilities are endless.

Thank you all for the most awesomest of memories!!

Hugs and Love XX


Until next time........BB

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The 2016 Flower and Garden Festival Weekend - Over For Another Year

The 2016 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival - Plein Air Artist weekend was a huge success and so much fun. I can't believe it's over already. Where does the time go? Only 16 artists from around the state of Florida are selected for this event so I truly must acknowledge what a privilege it is for Ray.

We arrived in Orlando on Thursday around noon and checked into the Boardwalk Resort where we'd be staying for 4 nights. We literally got into the room and changed into swimsuits and made a beeline for the pool. It was a gorgeous day for it and since we had a few hours before having to head out to the artist's banquet and then 3 straight days of painting from 11 - 7, we intended to make the best of it.

Everything was fabulous. The room, the pool, the boardwalk itself, were all just awesome. We had an amazing gourmet buffet set out for us in the Living Seas where we dined and socialized while enjoying a huge, built in aquarium with giant sea turtles, stingrays and groupers. Great embiance! The artists also received a beautiful commerative trophy.

After, dinner and drinks it was back to the hotel to get some sleep in our amazing room. Ray had to be in the park (Canada) and set up by 11. It was extremely warm and humid so I am glad I brought a wide brimmed hat with me and sunscreen. Definitely need sunscreen in Florida!

So for 3 days it was painting for Ray, and  socializing with new friends and people from all around the world for me. Just a great time for us.

We went to different restaurants on the boardwalk at night for dinner. In fact, while waiting for a table at the Italian restaurant in a crowded lobby, in walked Peter Noone. If you're old like me, you will remember him best from the group Herman's Hermits. He was my first boy band crush in the 60's and I had the albums jackets tacked onto my bedroom door. I had seen him in concert back in the 90's at the Big E fair in Massachusetts. He is still as adorable as ever and has aged quite well.

I pointed him out to Ray by saying "Hey, look who just walked in. It's Peter Noone". Ray, the very outgoing man from Queens NYC got up and went up to him calling his name. I didn't even pay attention. Next thing I know, I hear Ray calling me "Barbara" and when I looked up, there he stood with Peter at his side. Ray took 2 pictures (which are not flattering) and Peter and I chatted for a few seconds. He was with his family so was in a rush. He was performing in Epcot that weekend. So I got to meet Peter Noone! Yay! Such a nice guy too.

I'll share some pictures here for you from the weekend. Hope you enjoy them. We had a blast!

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Until next time........BB

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Living With An Artist Keeps You On Your Toes

Back to back art shows have kept me busy helping Ray at Casa de Artist. This is a busy time for him so of course that means it's chaotic for me too. Just a few years ago, I was living the most boring and dull life imaginable. Who'd have thunk this would be me now!!

I'm sorry I've been absent and having been reading or commenting. We've still got a big show this weekend and then in two weeks it's off to Epcot for the Art in the Garden Festival. That's another post in itself but Ray was invited last year for the first time as one of twelve artists around the state to participate.  It's a fabulous honor for him and he gets to bring one guest along as his helper. Um, that'd be me!!!

I've been suffering with jaw pain for the last few days and have been living on milkshakes and pain pills. I suspect it's from chewing/grinding my teeth at night. Never had it hurt like this and the pain goes right into the jawbone and cheekbone. To say I've been crabby is an understatement.

Ray was invited by the Jacksonville's First Coast News program "First Coast Living" to be interviewed for his upcoming art show this weekend in St. Augustine. I'm just so proud of him and to hear him talk about his love of painting in the oldest city in America makes me happy.

Here is the video clip from the live broadcast yesterday. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Glimpse Into The Museum of Florida Art

For Ray's birthday last week, I took him to the Cici and Hyatt Brown Museum of Florida Art in Daytona Beach. It's only been opened for about a year now and while we did go last year, you can't get tired of admiring and appreciating beautiful art. Especially an artist!!

This is the personal collection that belongs to the Brown's and to see it in all in one place you can get a sense of just how many pieces they have acquired over the years. Many of these paintings go back to the 1800's and to see what familiar places in Florida (ex. St. Augustine) looked like back then it's just amazing.

The museum is beautiful and a great way to pass the time, especially in a torrential downpour with tornado warnings!! Thankfully, it passed quickly but boy was it a hard storm.

I've posted some photos of the paintings that I personally liked and beneath the picture is a photo of the artist's information. Hope you enjoy. We certainly did.


The main lobby and staircase .  That's Ray giving an art history lesson to a
I did NOT take the stairs with these knees. Elevators are a must.

This painting made me think of my Grandma. She loved her flowers.

Imagine walking through the woods with an easel, paints and carrying huge canvases like this one. That's something Herman Herzog did quite often. That could not have been easy. 

Seriously, the photos do the paintings no justice. It looked as if someone had a light shining behind them. Just stunning.


I loved the bright colors and how they "popped" against the background. Grandma's smiling!

This one was so beautiful.At first we thought it was pastels or water colors but were surprised that it was oil paint. It looked as if there was a foggy mist on the water, early in the morning.

Add caption

This was another painting where the moonlight looked as if there was an bright light plugged in behind it. Such talent. I couldn't stop staring at this one.

It felt like you could jump into the painting and swim towards the camp/fire. Truly awesome.

As you walk up towards this from the side, it looks like an aquarium built in the wall. I was so enthralled with this painting. I could just imagine it on one of our big empty walls ! 

View from straight on. It almost looks like someone turned out the "aquarium light! Lol

This really captured the wild waves and winds in a hurricane. You could almost feel the water thrashing against the rocks and bridge down in the Flor

This woman really had a great eye. Look how those peacocks stand out against the forest.

If you've ever seen a Florida sunset and the vibrant colors, you will appreciate this painting. It looked real.


Until next time........BB

Friday, February 26, 2016

Beach Pics With A Twist

We've been busy at Casa de Artist with a big show this weekend in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. We did the show last year and it was great so I look forward to it again this year. Lots of talented artists and live entertainment. We were fairly near the stage so we got to hear some great bands play. Hope it's a success and I'll catch up with you all this week.

I thought I'd leave some pictures I took earlier this week. We had one day where the temps hit 70 and even though it was overcast, I needed to hit the beach for some fresh salt air. I had a great surprise when I got there and it's not something you see on Florida beaches too often. Maybe in the islands but definitely not in Daytona Beach area. Enjoy!


Until next time........BB

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Book Review: Life Swap by Carol Wyer

My good friend and author Carol Wyer wrote another great book and asked me if I'd like an advanced copy to read in exchange for a review.

Carol has written numerous books and there isn't one that I disliked. She's won awards, she's been on BBC radio and television, but the best part about Carol is that with all the notoriety she's received, she has never forgotten her blog friends from when we all started blogging around the same time several years ago . I just adore her!

Here's the review I left on Goodreads for the book. Once it's out on Amazon, I'll be sure to leave it there and Amazon UK as well.

Life SwapLife Swap by Carol Wyer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who else can take two main characters that are dealing with the reality that life can suck, throw in some demons with horns and everything, who make an offer they can't refuse, mix it up with debauchery and top it off with humor? That would be Carol Wyer!

I totally loved this book and the ending came out of nowhere! Don't miss it! Another home run for Carol.


Until next time........BB

Friday, February 19, 2016

Drivers...Start Your Engines!!

Are you ready for Sunday? For the Daytona 500? I have been waiting since November for the new season to start. Plus it's the Grand Opening of the newly renovated Daytona grand stands. 

While the track is only 35 miles from me, the price of the tickets is just too steep to go. While I do prefer to sit in the comfort of my home and get full coverage on my big screen TV, someday, I hope to get to one live race at the holy mother of all all Nascar Sprint Cup races. I am a huge fan of the series and #22 Joey Logano is my boy!!

I have been there for other events such as the Rolex 24 and I was there for Daytona 500 practices but I just want to watch a full race and hear all 30+ cars roar right past me. There's something about the sound of those cars and seeing them go up the 31 degree walls at the turns that is just exhilarating.

I had tickets for the Coke Zero 400 last year but it poured buckets and we couldn't make it the next day. I still feel awful about that one. But...I am determined that someday I will get there. If anyone wants to donate a ticket to me I'd be more than happy to accept it..Lol!!

Yesterday, I had to go to Best Buy to get an iPhone attachment for our stereo system. The nearest store to me is in the mall in Daytona Beach. Right across the street from the race track.

As I drove on International Speedway Blvd, I rolled down my windows and listened to the cars out there on the track racing for the Speed Weeks events. I was in my G-L-O-R-Y!

After leaving the mall, I decided to go for a little spin around the outside of the track by the airport. So I turned on the video cam on my iPhone and held it while slowly going around. I was able to get some good sounds of those turbo engines roaring. I thought I'd share it with you if you are a fan. 

The video is 3 minutes long and I apologize for some of the video going blank because a cop stopped traffic to let an 18 wheeler out of the lot. I held my phone with one hand. If you listen you can hear me cheering!!

Enjoy. I'll be a happy camper on Sunday!


Until next time........BB